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Who is Adam Braseel?

Adam Braseel

By Tammie Capps

When you read through the pages of this website, you will learn the shocking details of the injustice committed against Adam Braseel, and you will gain knowledge of the overall case while getting up to speed with Adam’s ongoing legal battle. But Adam is not just a case. He is a son, a brother, an uncle, and a friend. Before this nightmare began, Adam had a future. A future that could have taken him anywhere. But instead, he was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit.

Adam was born April 5, 1983, to Clyde and Imogean Braseel. He is the youngest of four children, and the only boy. Being the baby, he was doted on by his sisters, Susie, Brenda, and Christina. He was much more than their brother, he was their baby. The Braseel’s were a family full of love, drawn closer by the loss of their father when Adam was a young boy.

Adam Braseel in his youth

Adam attended Pelham Elementary School as well as Grundy County High School. As a true child of the valley, Adam spent his days riding four wheelers with his friends, always striving to be as close to nature as he could. After Adam graduated high school, he married Tiffany Brown. Unfortunately, due to Adam’s wrongful conviction, He and Tiffany were denied of the future and the life they had planned together.

Adam Braseel enjoying the outdoors during the period of his release

Adam Clyde Braseel is a gentle, caring, God loving soul, who even behind bars, uplifts the people around him. He is an inspiration to many, and a gift to those of us lucky enough to know him and to love him. As you read through the pages and links on this site, and become familiar with the corruption of a small Tennessee town, never forget that the person discussed is real. Adam will be 34 years old this year, and he still has a chance at a life that has been denied to him. Read. Remember. And please help us bring Adam home.

  • Gerald Senear

    For those of us that have lived with Adam’s case I would like to thank Bruce Fisher for his remarkable Website. As always Bruce gives very careful consideration to the cases he is going to help out with. When He does commit he commits 100%. It is so good to have you in Adams Corner Bruce. Thank You. As for Adam his False Conviction Case is one of the most egregious I have encountered in the years I have been doing Innocence Work. Not one shred of evidence points towards Adam being guilty. Adam was awarded a new trial for the very reasons I just mentioned. He was free on bond for months. That was taken away from him when an Appellate Court reversed and sent him back to prison. Be advised world. We have just begun to fight for this remarkable young man named Adam Braseel.