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Did Adam Braseel Kill Malcolm Burrows?

TRACY CITY, Tenn. (AP) — Adam Clyde Braseel clocked out of work, borrowed his mother’s car and headed to the mountain for a weekend of four-wheeling with friends. He took about a 45-minute break in between to lure an old man from home in the dark, beat him to death by the roadside, steal his wallet and try to silence an eyewitness.

He made it to his next stop in time for a late supper.

That’s the argument that convinced a Grundy County jury to send Braseel, then 24, to prison for life a decade ago for the death of 60-year-old Malcolm Burrows. A judge set him free a year-and-a-half ago and ordered a new trial, calling the evidence of Braseel’s guilt insufficient. The state Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the decision and took that freedom back.

He’s 34 now. He’ll be 76 if he lives long enough to appear at his first parole hearing. Read more >>